“Apple Therapy” Good for the Healthy Prostate

Chronic prostatitis is a man of little “cold“, sometimes even without medication, just to stop bad habits, drink plenty of water, these symptoms will disappear. Also, you can often eat apples, for the treatment of chronic prostatitis is also beneficial. “Apple therapy” is the most commonly used method for treating chronic prostatitis at home and abroad, this is because Apple can improve the situation of zinc deficiency in patients with chronic prostatitis. Abroad through a pilot study found prostate fluid contains a certain amount of antibacterial ingredients, this antimicrobial substance is a zinc protein, whose main ingredient is zinc, which is similar to penicillin and antibacterial effect.

How Apple therapy work on prostate

Compared with conventional drug therapy zinc, zinc higher than Apple’s more the efficacy of drugs, and safe, easy to digest and easy to absorb the characteristics of patients.Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis often eat apples very helpful.

While men eat more apples can also protect sexual function. Zinc deficiency male accessory sex organs change significantly, sperm morphology and function are damaged. The prostate is the source of seminal plasma zinc, and seminal plasma zinc is an important factor to ensure that sperm can improve sperm motility and penetration.

Things To Do

Lifestyle occupied a very important position in the risk factors prostatitis. Some patients with clinical symptoms are not severe, only a slight urinary frequency, urinary pain, urgency and other symptoms, do not rush to the hospital for examination and excessive over-treatment can observations for a week on their own, self-examination causes, such as alcoholism, overeating spicy and other reasons, to stop these unhealthy lifestyles, more water, the symptoms will gradually improve.