Best time of the day to Lose Weight faster

Some people like the morning run, bathed first ray of morning sunshine; it was keen to see the playground in the evening, witness the sunset ending; some even prefer evening greenways, and night scenes peek into the city. Choose your sports time is when? You also know what time the movement to lose weight?

Morning run

After running the best sun rises. The sun does not rise in the morning or just rose, lack of plant photosynthesis, the oxygen concentration is relatively low, and the exhaust gas through the accumulation of urban air quality is relatively poor night, it was suggested in the exercise carried out after the sun rises. In addition, the morning the body yang rising, very delicate at this time yang, TCM believes that “moving the Sun”, the more violent movement to enhance the human body yang more severe, but not conducive to the yang of the rest live, it is suggested morning exercise with gentle movement-based, such as walking, jogging, morning exercises, tai chi, etc., should not be strenuous exercise.

Like early morning jogging babies pay attention to slightly

Running noon

In fact, one day moving to prime time in the afternoon 16: 00-17: 00 daily work through most of the day because of the body’s muscles ligaments, got the same score movement, heart rate, blood pressure stabilized, can be more intense aerobic exercise, such as running, playing, swimming and so on.

But the afternoon 16: 00-17: 00 is still working time, when movement is impossible, therefore, recommended that working people may be deferred until 17: 30-18: 30. The time is at the stage in the late afternoon, the sun not yet down, Yang is still in season, this time to avoid the movement of both working time, it will not affect the sunset yang convergence Tibetan and dinner time with no conflict of working people more appropriate.

Pair of running shoes after work, change it to chase the sunset!

Running at night

Evening exercise, especially strenuous exercise is not really conducive to health pranayama. Chinese medicine believes that the sun goes down at night, hidden body yang gradually converge gradually into sleep stage, the so-called “Yang the yin is to sleep soundly.” Night games stimulate the body’s yang, especially strenuous exercise exciting, “Nothing yin yang”, likely to cause insomnia. Thus, both the evening sports injuries yang, sex fluid loss also, in the long run for your health. “This is equivalent to the operation of the machine after a day already in the strain state, not to shut down at night maintenance, but to increase horsepower continue to operate, this price can only be repaired or early retirement.” Take a walk after dinner can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improves digestion function, and can soothe the nerves, calm nerves, sleep beneficial. As long as a good grasp of the intensity of activity, do not be too severe on it.

After dinner went to a nearby park for a walk is a good choice too.

No matter what period of time the movement, should pay attention to do warm-up exercise, not fasting movement, do not immediately after eating movement, have something to eat before and after exercise to replenish energy, every time you exercise and strength to control the length, to healthy weight loss

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