Top 10 Liver Cancer Causing Foods and Prevent from liver cancer

This large hepatocellular cancer, although not cause infection, but can also endanger the health of patients with liver cancer. Life cause liver cancer causes are many, because of these people do not know the cause, they tend to ignore these carcinogens.

Eat food categories likely to cause liver cancer

Not eat moldy food

Fungus aflatoxin is a carcinogen, the toxin can induce human, monkey, rat, poultry liver cancer, carcinogenic shortest time required for the 24 weeks. Prevention of fungal contamination of food, should be noted

  1. home possession of peanuts, corn, dried sweet potatoes, rice, millet, etc. must be thoroughly dry sun, stored in a dry and ventilated environment.
  2. moldy peanuts, dry matter, dried radish should be removed discarded, poultry and livestock can not eat.
  3. peanut oil and cottonseed oil were not long storage; when a large number of suspect grain, dairy foods are fungal contamination, should please epidemic prevention station inspection, in order to allow post-issuance, sale or consumption.

Dynamic unfit for human consumption, vegetable oils rancid smell after

Stale oils contain a chemical that enables the structure of the mutant protein, resulting mutant protein cells lose their normal function to the initial cancer transformation. In addition, the aging process as well as the chemical composition of the acid replication makes accelerated. Thus, moving, vegetable oil Do not store too long, it has gone rancid flavor oil unfit for human consumption. There used rancid smell of frying fried foods not only taste good, but more importantly is that it can cause cancer and shorten life.

Usually need how to prevent liver cancer

  1. failing to adjust the attitude. Have a family history of people infected with hepatitis B virus, do not take control, then turn the chances of liver cancer is 20 times the average person, if coupled with a bad attitude, this probability is higher.
  2. the home moldy food resolutely throw away, aflatoxin contamination of these foods can lead to liver cancer. High incidence of liver cancer, aflatoxin contamination than other areas. So you want to eat more fresh food.
  3. to maintain a healthy weight, not too thin and do not obesity, in order to prevent malnutrition or steatohepatitis.
  4. how to prevent the occurrence of liver cancer it? In addition, regular physical examination is the easiest method of early detection of liver cancer, experts suggest that you regularly physical examination, especially in high-risk groups (hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus infection) is preferably carried out once every six months liver cancer screening to large hospitals or medical institutions do you can just check two, an alpha-fetoprotein, a do B ultrasound.

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