How – Number of steps walked per day can extend life

Now many people hooked on this sport stride, every day in the park, the district where “runaway” who flocked to the micro-channel circle of friends is every day “sun walk”, “occupation” cover of friends. Walking this movement is not for everyone? Long walk will not let joint stand? How many steps per day the most appropriate?

Walk to benefit more appropriate body

Cardiovascular walking can enhance heart function, make the heart beat more slowly and powerful; enhanced elasticity of blood vessels, regulating blood pressure have a supplementary role; accelerate blood circulation, reduce triglycerides and cholesterol accumulation in the artery wall and blood clots formation, reduce myocardial infarctionincidence.

Musculoskeletal moderate walking can enhance muscle strength, lower limb bones strong; exercise-induced joint pressure changes, can promote the secretion of synovial fluid of articular cartilage, improve joint mobility, prevent and delay the degenerative arthritis , maintain joint health.

Weight control walk can consume excess body heat, improve metabolism level of the body, reduce the accumulation of body fat and maintain appropriate body weight. In addition, walking improve the body immunity, reduce disease prevention and adjuvant therapy in slowsexually transmitted diseases had definite role.

The number of steps the number of suitable?

American College of Sports Medicine physical fitness gives a promote health, improve fitness (physical) minimum recommended range: 5400 to step 7900 steps / day. Frail people walking 5400 steps can achieve the purpose of improving health every day, and for good physical condition who require more steps, you can walk 7900 steps to improve health purposes. Of course, this recommended amount is a certain speed requirements, if they can walk at a speed of 100 steps / minute we can achieve the purpose of improving health, namely to achieve moderate intensity walking exercise.

Lose weight if movement is intended to manage weight through walking exercise to achieve weight loss, it would need to take more of the road. Population-based studies have shown that men who need to walk motion 11000-12000 steps a day, women need 8000-12000 step. Of course, this is also the number of steps in walking speed of 100 steps / minute as a precondition.

How fast pace appropriate?

Different walking speed, walking duration requirements are also different. There are three options: First, a day at a moderate speed (100 steps / minute) cumulative traveling at least 30 to 60 minutes, at least 150 minutes per week exercise. Second, every day at a faster rate (120 steps / minute) cumulative traveling 20-60 minutes, less than 75 minutes total weekly. Third, the above two alternating moderate speed and strength of a larger combination of walking exercise, you can walk 30 minutes a day to complete a day walk, can also graded the accumulated number of steps a day of sport. But every time you want to walk at least 10 minutes in order to achieve fitness results.

To do the walking speed determined according to their own situation, step by step, should not blind accelerated. (From “Beijing Evening News”)