4 Cold knowledge about Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) you never know

As a hypertensive patient, you probably know the 140 / 90mmHg blood pressure control is the standard line, but also learn to reduce salt intake in their daily lives in favor of the management of blood pressure. But, you know, different body fat or thin, on the sphygmomanometer choose what’s the difference? You know why the blood pressure pulse rate occurs it? Dr. Andresen today to tell you a few questions about your high blood pressure do not know the cold knowledge.

1. Weight is different, Sphygmomanometer choose the same?

Daily management of patients with hypertension are based on objective and reliable blood pressure values, and only blood pressure measurement in order to obtain an objective standard blood pressure values, otherwise, there are deviations in blood pressure values blood pressure management will be harmful to health.

Team of Professor hypertensive patients with hypertension recommendations when selecting sphygmomanometer should choose a more suitable for their own sphygmomanometer according to their size, such as body overweight patients, such as using too small, too short-sleeved belt, measured blood pressure is often higher than the true value. Thus, crude or upper arm biceps developed, the need to use longer and wider sleeves bring oppression brachial artery, the blood pressure value in order to avoid bias.

In addition, blood pressure did not meet the person, Professor recommended daily morning and evening blood pressure measurement 1, each measured three times, the patient should keep quiet when measured not talk inactivity, each successive measurement of blood pressure three times, each over the interval of 1 minute, after taking twice the average blood pressure, because the first pass blood pressure measurement value is often high. For standard blood pressure in hypertensive patients, and measured once a week and still need to adhere to medication under the guidance of a doctor, in order to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events.

2. Pulse rate Sphygmomanometer Why?

Under normal circumstances, pulse and heart rate are the same. And heart rate, it may be because the sympathetic nervous excitement. Sympathetic nerve with hypertension are mutually causal relationship . Rapid heart rate, the probability of the occurrence of high blood pressure is high, conversely, high blood pressure can also cause damage to the heart function, so that the heart rate.

According to Professor introduced when hypertensive patients with heart rate over 80 beats per minute should be vigilant, and management. However, patients with hypertension often overlooked on heart rate monitoring, in fact, the faster the heart rate in patients with hypertension, Coronary heart disease risk of death is higher also. This is why the blood pressure, in addition to measuring blood pressure, but also show the value of heart rate.Because for hypertensive patients, blood pressure, cardiac rhythm management and management are very important.

3. Which hypertensive patients need to pay special attention to your heart?

Currently, in our country, more than 30% of patients with hypertension heart rate more than 80 times per minute, these patients is common in middle-aged. In other words, young blood pressure is often accompanied by excessive sympathetic activation, mainly for heart rate, these patients are characterized by anxiety in stressful situations and increased heart rate becomes more apparent. In addition, obesity and poor lifestyle people heart rate faster than others.

In this regard, Professor once again cautioned:. “Ordinary hypertensive patients, when their heart rate over 80 beats per minute to be on the need for cardiac rhythm management and heart rate in patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease or heart failure in more than 70 beats per minute heart rate intervention must be hypertensive patient’s heart rate standards, can be greatly reduced Sudden death, Myocardial infarction, Stroke and other serious incidents occurred, and can effectively improve the quality of life of patients. “

Therefore, patients with hypertension and hypertension in middle-aged patients with coronary heart disease or heart failure should be particularly concerned about their own heart rate variability, regular monitoring.

4. What are some ways to intervene effectively rapid heart rate?

Hypertensive patients on cardiac rhythm management, Professor introduced into a patient can intervene simultaneously through lifestyle and medication in two ways. The first is a reasonable diet, limit alcohol to insist salt restriction eat fast food healthy life. Secondly, the need for regular physical activity, can do housework, it can be all kinds of sports. In addition, the face of life and work, should maintain peace of mind, reduce irritation emotional.

The drug of choice, in addition to patients with hypertension do not need antihypertensive drugs choose other heart rate lowering medication. Currently there are antihypertensive drugs diuretics, β-blockers, calcium antagonists, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin Ⅱ receptor blockers and other five categories of conventional first-line drugs.

Each first-line drugs have priority indications, such as metoprolol succinate sustained-release tablets and other β-blockers are the most commonly used antihypertensive drugs slow the heart rate, blood pressure control in these drugs while inhibit excessive sympathetic activation, and played an integral role in the overall chain of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment. Meanwhile, hypertension and Angina patients concerned, β-blockers can effectively relieve angina symptoms, it can be said to serve two purposes.

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