Intercept a hangover with cup of Tomato Juice

Enhance the mood, but is a drink that will make it the fun mood, hangover but it is hard thing. Towards the people that suffer are often, hangover effect of improving will introduce the efficacy of tomato juice can be expected.

Real tomato juice I effective for hangover?

The hangover a large quantity of water intake I could drink a tomato juice, but there are various theories, such as take a hot shower

Upset of headaches and stomach, hangover symptoms such as nausea, when the alcohol in the liver is decomposed, acetaldehyde is a hazardous substance that can occur because of a occur. The lycopene contained in tomato juice, not only acts to inhibit the activity of acetaldehyde, because it contains many potassium high glutathione and diuretic action with detoxifying, suitable for improving the prevention and symptoms of hangover it said to be a drink.

In addition, when the hangover symptoms may appear so often that the body is in the dehydration Pounds, and plenty of hydration, it is also important to discharge the toxic substances in the body. Because it contains plenty also moisture and minerals in tomato juice, I will say that effective for hangover even in that sense.

Tomato has been known as a vegetable that good for a hangover from the old days

And vodka-based Bloody Mary, such as beer-based Red eye, but there is a drink that is a combination of tomato, of these cocktails have been popular is the hangover because there is a tradition from the old days that good tomato and it is also referred to. Even the experimental results, drink not only to decrease the alcohol concentration in the blood by taking tomato juice together when you drink, we found that the rate of activity of the enzymes involved in the metabolism of alcohol is up. Rapidly and those who want to avoid the good to go around, those who want to avoid from being left alcohol the next day, it’s a good idea to actively take the tomato juice.

That said, still drinking too much is taboo. By drinking a moderate amount, let’s spend a good time.