Men suffering from sinusitis increased Erectile Dysfunction risk

A Study & research of scientist group found that: have chronic sinusitis increases male erectile dysfunction (abbreviated ED) risks, and effective surgical treatment of sinusitis, such as removal of polyps, significantly improve sexual performance in patients.

The research team selected nearly 14,000 male patients with chronic sinusitis, other selected 140 000 healthy volunteers as a control group study. Through these two groups were compared health, taking into account other factors that may affect sexual function, such as obesity, people with diabetes or high blood pressure later found: chronic sinusitis than those who do not have this problem people, possibility ED 51% higher. This correlation at male population aged between 35 to 50 years old is more obvious. In addition, the sinusitis surgery performed in men, erectile difficulties chance halved.

The researchers noted that throughout sinusitis patients with systemic low-grade chronic inflammation, including small vessels that supply blood to the genitals. The study confirmed the inflammation caused by chronic sinusitis, limiting sexual arousal during the blood supply, resulting in the life of the patient poor performance. Therefore, men with chronic sinusitis, especially in people over the age of 35, it should be noted the correlation between. The study also urologist clinical diagnosis provides an important reference.